Drones Now Flying Expanded Missions With FAA’s Blessing – TV Technology

OTTAWA—Recent changes to Federal Aviation Administration rules governing flight authorizations for drones (aka unmanned aerial systems/UAS or unmanned aerial vehicles/UAVs) now allow for expanded missions with less red tape. These changes, along with other recent positive advances, illustrate the advances that have taken place over the past decade as the use of UASs for TV coverage has blossomed.More Trust from Regulators The responsible, disciplined approach to UAS pilot training and operat…….

Alabama Extension first in U.S. to research new drone model – Alabama NewsCenter

The unmanned aerial systems (UAS) market has grown tremendously in the past decade. This technology evolves every day, and the demand for drone applications has revolutionized the agriculture industry. Through a new partnership involving the Alabama Cooperative Extension System, the sky is no longer the limit for agriculture research.
Steve Li, weed scientist and agricultural drone expert with Alabama Extension. (contributed)The DJI Agras T40 spray drone hit the U.S. market in October. This new…….

Taiwan shows off military drones amid tensions with China – DefenseNews.com

TAICHUNG, Taiwan — Taiwan displayed its self-developed drone technology Tuesday, amid rising concerns over China’s threats to use force to assert its claim to the self-governing island republic.The National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology, which develops military technology, offered a rare look at the Chien Hsiang drone designed to destroy enemy radars, and other unmanned combat aerial vehicles.A dozen of the single-use drones, officially termed loitering munitions, are carrie…….

A first look at Amazon’s new delivery drone, slated to start deliveries this year – CNBC

Nearly a decade after Jeff Bezos first announced drone delivery, Amazon says it’s finally ready to start air-dropping packages — literally.The latest drone model will drop packages from 12 feet in the air.”If the drone encounters another aircraft when it’s flying, it’ll fly around that other aircraft. If, when it gets to its delivery location, your dog runs underneath the drone, we won’t deliver the package,” said Calsee Hendrickson, who leads product and program management for the Prime Air d…….

Amazon previews its new delivery drone, the MK30 – TechCrunch

Following this morning’s debut of the Sparrow bin-picking robot, Amazon just unveiled MK30, the latest iteration of its delivery drone. The system is the successor to the MK27-2, which is set to debut limited deliveries to residents in Lockeford, California and College Station, Texas.
The MK30, which is set for a 2024 debut, is both smaller and lighter than the earlier version and able to withstand harsher temperatures and a broader range of weather conditions. Another key element here is…….

Ukraine asks US for new capabilities in fighting Iranian drones – ABC News

ABC News has obtained a letter sent by a top Ukrainian official to senior members of Congress, asking them to assist Ukraine’s calls for additional air defense systems to counter the attack drones built and supplied by Iran to bolster Russia’s war effort.Russia has launched waves of deadly attacks in recent weeks, using Iranian-made drones that explode on impact to strike power plants, killing civilians and causing rolling blackouts, plunging millions of Ukrainian homes into darkness.In the lett…….

Iran acknowledges providing drones to Russia before Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine – CNN


The Iranian government acknowledged for the first time Saturday that it had sent a limited number of drones to Russia in the months before the start of its invasion of Ukraine.

The statement by Iran’s foreign minister Hossein Amirabdollahian comes after previous denials by Tehran that it had supplied Russia with weapons for use in Ukraine, saying it “has not and will not” do so. Amirabdollahian did not…….